Hello, I'm Kenny

My background

One could say that Kenny Pratt is a product of his environment. The son of a local business owner and operator, Kenny was surrounded by entrepreneurship throughout his formative years and even started his own vending machine business in high school from a modest investment of $250 from his dad (paid back with interest!). Not long after he built and sold his first business, the dot com era was booming, and Kenny took a keen interest in how websites were built and became a self-taught expert in web technologies. Throughout college he supported himself by building websites and large database applications for local businesses, which is when he realized his passion could become a career path. 

Kenny Pratt

Over the course of the next ten years, Kenny built a local consulting business creating websites and web-based applications across a variety of industries including transportation, finance, inventory, back office and eventually, tires, when he merged with TCS to build vertical solutions. It was through TCS he and partners together started SimpleTire. As Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SimpleTire, Kenny Pratt manages the company’s technology and product development and oversees the direct-to-consumer P&L, while specializing in bridging the gap between the business and tech teams to ensure all are working cohesively towards the same goals. He manages the technological growth and innovation of SimpleTire from his homebase in Utah. He works daily alongside the broader tech, marketing and operations teams to help with everything from driving business strategy and reviewing code before implementation to mentoring and helping to foster team growth. He’s motivated by the accomplishments and advancement of his team and has made it his mission to help build SimpleTire into a business that is one day a household name.

He can proudly say that he’s been a partner in or owner of every business for which he’s worked throughout his career. The running joke is that Kenny has never had a real corporate job. When Kenny is not leading the SimpleTire team, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, shuttling his kids between activities or sneaking away for a getaway with his wife Nicole. She is just as or even more so entrepreneurial than Kenny, operating as owner / ceo of an internationally distributed pet food business which she has grown organically to be a top contender of her category. As a family they support a number of philanthropic organizations and Kenny also enjoys supporting early-stage companies in and around Utah as an active angel investor through his holding company FluidTheory. He is an active LP of venture stage funds including the local BetaBoom, Grix, Kickstart Fund, Peterson Partners, and SPV, and in addition to hand picked specialty funds Applico, Capria, CCC, M25, and Overlooked Ventures. Investing in real estate has always been a core investment vehicle for Kenny, including anything from residential to multi-family to multi-tenant commercial. Kenny and team operate several startup friendly multi-tenant buildings in the Salt Lake valley comprised of Vantage Plaza, Cloverland, and Independence Square.

Philanthropy is important to Kenny. As such, he has founded Indie Square to bring people together to uplift Utah and our communities. It is a mission-driven coworking space and event venue located in Murray. Kenny presently serves on the board as Vice President of Youthlinc, an oranization dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians. 

Kenny can be reached via email using kenny at fluidtheory.io